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The Coalitions of New York

After the recent internal war of the Sabbat of New York; the cities packs have formed five different coalitions. Each with a different goal and method for controlling the city for the Sabbat. Mechanically PCs may purchase the Allies background for each of the Coalitions in the city. This represents their support and alliances they have made with them. This background functions identically to the Allies background, but each coalition offers an additional benefit. Each level of this background is approved by a storyteller based on the PCs actions and support of their coalition. From time to time the coalitions will ask the PCs to do things for them as well. To gain the additional benefits you must spend the level of Allies in the coalition for the month.

The Old Guard
This coalition of Sabbat packs represents the established covens of the city and many of its eldest members who have claimed New York as their home the longest. They seek to keep the city as is, ordered chaos. They seek to keep the other coalitions from gaining power and changing the dynamics of the city. The Old Guard hates change and loves order.
Packs: The First Legion, The Bronchs, Prometheans, Bowery Boys, The Van Cortlandts, Stranger Things
Location: Manhattan
Additional Allies Benefit: Allies now also functions as per the Domain Background.

The New Blood
This coalition of Sabbat packs represents the younger covens of the city. They seek to upset the Status Quo that has rules New York for too many years. They want change. Younger cainities in positions of authority and the duopoly of the Lasombra dominance and Tzimisce over the other clans changed to include all clans of the Sabbat.
Packs: Bloodfoot, Dead Rabbits, Fuck You Jersey, Thirst For Blood, Vengeance Alights
Location: Bronx
Additional Allies Benefit: Allies now also functions as per the Military Force Background.

The Enigmatic
This coalition of Sabbat packs seek to uncover the mysteries of New York. Many ancient and alien creatures call the city home. Forgotten temples and lairs of abominations and other oddities cover the city. They seek what answers and power lie within them. They believe New York is the new capital of the world and thus attracts these ancient horrors to it. Only by understanding them and gaining insight from them can they hope to combat them. To these cainites Gehenna is here in the city and only through knowledge and discipline can they be defeated. The Enigmatic coalition seeks to use the secrets of the city to better direct and control it.
Packs: Abyssal Despair, Damballah’s Hidden Temple in Harlem, Sacrifice Covenant, Sisterhood of Diana
Location: Staten Island Additional
Allies Benefit: Allies now also functions as per the Occult Library Background

The Pioneers
This coalition of Sabbat packs seeks to take control of the city not through revolution and violence but through playing the political game just as the Old Guard did to come to power. The support other coalitions as it best benefits them. They hope to claim the city in a coup from the shadows and lead it into a new direction. They seek to modernize the Sabbat of New York in something of balance between the Old Guard and the New Bloods. To change the city to operate more efficiently and direct to threats as they come to solidify the sect dominance of the city for years to come.
Packs: Blood Grin, The Commission, Double Edges, Love’s Easy Tears, The Heavenly Host
Location: Brooklyn
Additional Allies Benefit: Allies now also functions as per the Contacts Background.

The Brokers
This coalition of Sabbat packs seek to control the city through its mortal agents. They wield the most influence and power over the mortal world in the city. These cainites can decide who what building or demolitions happen in the city. What projects the city approves and the flow cash the various corporations who call the city home. They believe with Sabbat control over the mortal institutions of the world they effect change for the whole of the sect not just over New York but the world itself. They can control who among the city is armed and well defended and who isn’t. They can control who comes into New York and who is chased down by hunters. It is through the control of the mortal world the vampiric one is solidified.
Packs: Casa Nostra, Number One Hearthrob, Sky Night Blue, The Praetorians, Ecstatic Agony
Location: Queens
Additional Allies Benefit: Allies now also functions as per the Fame Background

NPC Packs

PC Packs

  • Angeli Bello
    • Viking (Pander) - played by Dave S.
    • Louis Cohen (Serpent of the Light) - played by Gabe A.
    • Marco Ursini (Brujah antitribu) - played by Jeff P.
    • Pandoria Lucianous (Ventrue antitribu) - played by Trish L.
    • Zmey (Tzimisce) - played by Kevin O.
  • Midnight Progeny
    • Acharya (Ravnos antitribu) - played by Anthony O.
    • Grendel (Gangrel antitribu) - played by Peter M.
    • Lexiconica (Kiasyd) - played by Misha M.
  • Trigger Warning
    • Scholar (Lasombra) - played by Mike R.
    • 46 (Tzimisce) - played by Max B.
    • William Walters (Serpent of the Light) - played by Jordan H.
    • Caliban (Nosferatu antitribu) - "Dan H."
  • The Witch Hounds
    • Chief (Salubri antitribu) - played by Joe C.
    • Drake Thomson (Gangrel antitribu) - played by Tony G.
    • Etienne Cadellane (Malkavian antitribu) - played by Steve W.
  • Transcendent Bitterness
    • Ductus: Hilario (Lasombra) - "played by Rachel S."
    • Mischa (Tzimisce) - "played by Shane W.
    • Pack Priest: John Gray (Salubri Antitribu - "played by Dan H."
    • Abbott: Hitchens (Unknown) - "played by Greg H."
    • Arisu (Lasombra) - "played by Arielle"
    • Makaria Ashford (Brujah Antitribu) - "played whitney"
  • Hidden Truth
    • Ductus: Andrei Eschaer (Kiasyd)
    • Pack Priest: Alex (Assamite Antitribu)
    • Abbott: Dr. Crow (Tzimisce)
  • Crimson Misfits
    • Rook (Assamite Antitribu)
    • Justine Parsons (Tzimisce)
    • Naomi Melissa (Daughter of Cacophony)
  • Apotheosis
    • Ductus: Gabriel Deveraux (Lasombra)
    • Jake Waters (Serpent of the Light)
    • Marcus (Ventrue Antitribu)
    • Pack Priest: Elouise (Gangrel Antitribu)
    • Arvid (Malkavian Antitribu)
    • Light (Malkavian Antitribu)
  • Light and Darkness
    • Ductus: Johnny Rotten (Malkavian Antitribu)
    • Pack Priest: Andrew (Tzimisce)
    • Abbott: Lazarus (Lasombra)
  • Squad Goals
    • Ductus: Avery Hunter (Brujah Antitribu)
    • Pack Priest: Charlie Horse (City Gangrel)
    • Abbott: Jo Babson (Ventrue Antitribu)
    • Daria Kull (Tzimisce)
    • Cassie White (Malkavian Antitribu)