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Welcome to the Big Apple, Gotham City, and Capital of the World. New York stands as the crown jewel of the Sabbat Empire in the New World. Against all odds the sect has been able to hold the city against its many enemies for years.

Kings of New York is a One World By Night Vampire the Masquerade Sabbat Chronicle. Founded and joined with OWBN in the year 2000. This document contains all the house rules and information a player will need to play in game. We are primarily an online LARP through our discord, but on occasion run live events as well. Below you will find the basic details about the City of New York and the game we are running.

Chronicle Name: Kings of New York
Puppet Prince:
When: Every 4th Monday of the Month

In Character Location: New York City
Setting: Vampire the Masquerade set in the World of Darkness
Sect: Sabbat
Theme: 1970s New York City, Spiraling Gothic Towers, Rainfall, The Haves and Have Nots, Order and Chaos, Graffiti and Urban Decay
Mood: Rebellion, Dark Religion, Elder Gods, Gehenna Prophecies, Urban Warfare, the Final Nights
Focus: Collaborative Storytelling set in the Word of Darkness with a focus on Eldritch Horror and the Sabbat.
Mortal Population: 12 Million
New York’s Look: It as if New York never left the dark 1970s and early 1980s. Drugs run wild. Graffiti covers the city. The subways are dangerous and few people walk the streets are unarmed. Regardless this is New York City. No one questions anything, but the people yell to the skies for equality and freedom. The city truly never sleeps, and monsters lurk here. Welcome to New York City; the greatest show on earth.