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The Kings of New York Wiki

Welcome to the KoNY Wiki! Inside, you'll find most if not all background information for our game. Just use the links above to navigate! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Admin: Joan S.

Some Content Currently Under Construction... Please don't mind the dust...

If you are new to OWBN, check out this video series on OWBN, World of Darkness, and Larp in general!

Mission Statement

  1. Kings of New York is a game dedicated to creating a fun, welcoming community of gamers.
  2. Kings of New York is a Sabbat Vampire the Masquerade game.
  3. Kings of New York follows “Wheaton’s Law”.
  4. The Player’s sole job is to have fun.
  5. Players do not deal with the Bureaucracy of One World by Night. The Storyteller’s do. To that end, Players do not deal with Coordinators for One World by Night unless specifically given permission to by the Storytellers. This is the Storyteller’s job.
  6. Negativity, toxic environments, and “drama” will not be tolerated within Kings of New York.
  7. The main focus of Kings of New York will be Role-Playing and telling stories.
  8. It is the responsibility of the older players of Kings of New York to engage and help the newer players of Kings of New York.
  9. Kings of New York staff will welcome all new players and help them get immediately involved and integrated into the game.
  10. Kings of New York will support and encourage non-gaming community building events. As Kings of New York is a gaming community, we shall have Player’s Nights and other non-game events where the community socializes and brings a positive environment.


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