Damballah’s Hidden Temple in Harlem

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  • Manhattan, Harlem



Papa Kalfu

Kalfu 2.png
  • Clan: Serpent of the Light
  • Position: Ductus
  • Faction: Occult Underground (Master)
  • Status: 2 (Positional), 5 (Reputational)
  • Background: Born in the fires of the the Haitian Revolution, the man who would become known as Papa Kalfu earned his place in world in a baptism of fire. Long before the birth of the Serpent’s of the Light, Papa Kalfu was born into servititue. Even though on his tiny island the Africans outnumbered the French; they were still little better than slaves. The child of two slaves, Kalfu was raised to serve his French masters. It is said that even in his childhood, the young Kalfu was ordained by the priests of the Voodoo religions of Haitai to grow into a man of great importance.

In the 1970s Kalfu and his family immigrated to the United States. Like so many, he did so through the walls of New York City. A predominatly Sabbat City, Kalfu was happy to call this new place home. While a priest of the Voodoo religion, Kalfu also had become a priest of the sect itself. Seeing much in the history of his own kind, in his own faith. The pack, lead by Kalfu moved into slums of Harlem like that of many other Haitians, Spanish, and other miniorties. Though far from Haiti, Kalfu knew he had earned many enemies among the followers of set, fighting for his clans freedom. Even in New York he was not beyond their reach. So, Kalfu once again laid down his machete and picked up the bones of his ancestors once again. In Harlem his own Haitian people needed a priest of their faith and among the Sabbat he and his pack offered a new and exciting anomaly among the damned. Many among the American Sabbat had only heard of the Serpents, few had met any by the time Kalfu arrived in Harlem. As something of a joke on the matter Kalfu named his pack Damballah’s Hidden Temple in Harlem; as they hide right out in the open. Kalfu opened a simple Voodoo shop with the same name. Among his own people and the Sabbat Kalfu now served as priest for all their needs. His Occult shop quickly becoming famous among both the living and the damned. As the years passed few learned of the packs invovlment with the Serpent revolution. Sabbat tend to live short quick lives, and where once Kalfu and his pack were known as warrior priests, he had simply become the strange but firendly voodoo man in Harlem. Of course, like all vampire Kalfu was invovled in other matters. In time Kalfu became a kingpin of the drug trade of Harlem and in time controlled much of the area. Though preffering to keep to themselves, Kalfu and his pack are known to always have their doors open to any of the Sabbat. Even to this night Kalfu lends his service to sect from his humble shop. Those who seek the wisdom of the ancestors and the gods often find their way to his door step.

Pack Priest

Mama Patience/Elie Sansaricq

Patience 2.png
  • Clan: Serpent of the Light
  • Position: Pack Priest
  • Faction: Occult Underground (Cleric)
  • Status: 2 (Positional), 5 (Reputational)


Sister Chastity

Chastity 2.png
  • Clan: Serpent of the Light
  • Position: Abbott
  • Faction: Occult Underground (Neophyte)
  • Status: 2 (Positional), 4 (Reputational)

Other Members

Sister Faith

Faith 2.png
  • Clan: Serpent of the Light
  • Position: True Sabbat
  • Faction: Occult Underground (Neophyte)
  • Status: 1 (Positional), 4 (Reputational)