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  • Archbishop (PC)
    • Hilario Deveraux (Lasombra) - "played by Rachel S."
  • Bishops (PC)
    • Chief (Salubri antitribu) - played by Joe C.
    • Simon Orozco (Lasombra) (NPC)
    • Silas (Malkavian Antitribu) - played by Raie

Coalitions of New York

After the recent internal war of the Sabbat of New York; the cities packs have formed five different coalitions. Each with a different goal and method for controlling the city for the Sabbat. Mechanically PCs may purchase the Allies background for each of the Coalitions in the city. This represents their support and alliances they have made with them. This background functions identically to the Allies background, but each coalition offers an additional benefit. Each level of this background is approved by a storyteller based on the PCs actions and support of their coalition. From time to time the coalitions will ask the PCs to do things for them as well. To gain the additional benefits you must spend the level of Allies in the coalition for the month.