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Past Era

Born in Spain in the late 1560s, Polonia came to the New World as a stalking horse for Juan de Oñate’s expedition into Mexico (specifically, in what is now New Mexico). Having proven his worth over the course of the (failed) mission, Polonia was Embraced by Anton de Concepcion in 1600. To his chagrin, the sunburn that Polonia was suffering from at the time of his Embrace has stayed with him through the centuries that followed, a fact that draws his anger whenever a neonate is foolish enough to mention it.

Polonia was trained in tactics, leadership and tailored to be one of the greatest generals in the Sabbat’s army by the legendary Lasombra, Don Medina Sidonia of the Spanish Armada fame. Under his tutelage, Polonia rose quickly within the ranks of the Sabbat. In 1761, Gorchist appointed Polonia to the rank of Archbishop in the burgeoning city of New York, earning Polonia the ire of Ecaterina the Wise and the other sitting Bishops of New York. Other Bishops were appointed under Polonia in the years to come, notably Radu Bistri, who stayed only long enough to help Gorchist end the Civil War via the Purchase Pact and never amassed the local influence — or the desire — to challenge Polonia’s authority.

Current Era

In 1999, Polonia was elevated to rank of Cardinal by then regent Melinda Galbraith. This was a reward for his campaign along the East Coast which saw much success in gaining new ground for the Sabbat, as well as finally claiming Manhattan for the Sabbat in the early 90s. The early 2000s, New York came under attack by the Camarilla as they attempted to seize the asset of Wall Street. Twice the Camarilla tried and twice Polonia was able to push them back. Since then, Polonia has reigned as Cardinal from his crown jewel city of New York uncontested. Now a war hero and beloved comrade in arms, many Sabbat consider Polonia in the same light as Alexander the Great.


Grandsire: Don Medina Sidonia
Sire: Antón de Concepción
Lineage: Edward Rowlands (Childe), Jolina Maria Aquino (PC - Childe)


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Physical Appearance:
Polonia is extremely tall for a Cainite of his age, standing at more than six feet tall. He has a black, neatly trimmed beard that matches his hair and eyes. Polonia often dresses in white or grey suits, though he is also known to wear all black on occasion. When taking to the field with his fellow Sabbat, Polonia dons modern military fatigues in contrast to his normal clothing. Regardless of what he wears though, a simple silver cross always accompanies the Cardinal no matter the occasion. The only thing of note that mars the Cardinal’s handsome features is the embarrassing fact that he was embraced with a severe sun burn. All Cainites know, however, that to bring up such a thing to Polonia is the quickest way to invoke his fury.


  • In early 2000, the Sabbat of New York, ever-proud of their Cardinal, gave him the trophy of a slumbering ancient they had found in the city. In gratitude, the Cardinal consumed the soul of the vampire and became enriched by it.
  • In the early 2000s, Polonia led successful campaigns repelling the Camarilla incursion into Manhattan to reclaim Wall Street, not once, but twice.
  • 2008 saw Polonia appoint his old rival, Ecaterina the Wise as the Archbishop of New York City.
  • 2007, Polonia masterfully discovered the truth about the return of Cardinal Dark Selina to New England, and avoided a civil war by unveiling the deception to all.
  • During the Year of Fire and shortly after Polonia led his fellow Sabbat in battle against the Priests of Carthage who sought to take his city and then the following year the threat of the Nosferatu Chernabog and his army.

OOC Information

Portraying Storyteller: Adam Sartori

AKA: Gatekeeper of the New World, Guardian of the Paths of Shadows

Clan: Lasombra
Year Embraced: 1600 AD
Generation: 6th
Path: Power and the Inner Voice 4

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: The First Legion
Faction: Ultra-Conservatives
Position: Cardinal of the Eastern Seaboard

Status: (17)
Initiated, Feared, Feared, Proven, Relentless, Ominous, Devout, Enlightened, Loyal & Respected, Soldier, Ominous, Battle-Scarred, Blooded, Martial, Undefeated, Enriched