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Boon Reward System


In Kings of New York, we want to promote our game as well as our gaming community. As such, we offer a reward system for helping enhance our game. Instead of offering experience points or new things you can put on your sheet, we offer neat little quirks and neat stuff to enhance your gaming experience within Kings of New York.

Below you will find two charts. The 1st is a list of things you can do to earn “Boon” points. The second chart has the rewards you may cash in your “Boon” points for. When you earn and spend Boon points, you must do so in a Character journal entry.

Earning Points

Ways to Help Boon Points
Donation of a Prop 4 times the dollar value with receipt
NPCing 10
Street Team Promoting 30
Bringing a New Player to Game (must return to game) 20
Donation of Costuming 10-50 depending on costume
Crafting something for KoNY 10-50 depending on item
Involving a New Player in plot 10
Donation of Time and Services 10 per hour
Monetary Donation 4 for every dollar


Boon Points Reward Cost
KoNY Retest 20
NPC Interaction 30-50, depending on NPC
Cover Cost for Game 28
Personal Plot 40
Downtime Scene 40
Recover Item 50
I’m Serious[2] 50
Cover Cost of KoNY event 80
Insight into a Plot 80
Epic Death 100
  • KoNY Retest: This allows you one retest that may be used against any storyteller in any scene they are running. These may not be used against other players.
  • NPC Interaction: You choose an NPC that KoNY controls that you wish to have a scene or interact with and the staff makes sure it is done.
  • Cover Cost of Game: You don’t have to pay the cost of game site. Good for only one use.
  • Personal Plot: The staff pulls on your background and gives you a personal plot that will happen at game and during downtime.